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Stoney Creek Technical Layering System

Stoney Creek Technical Layering System

25th Feb 2022

Purpose built to perform, constructed tough to endure, yet lightweight and compact so it won't slow you down. With this as part of your kit, you'll be performing at your peak throughout your next hunting adventure. 

Whether you're out on a quick morning hunt, or on a multi-day expedition, the weather and temperature can change rapidly at any time. That's why the advanced Stoney Creek layering system has been purposely designed so you can adapt your clothing against whatever mother nature throws at you. 

How to build a Stoney Creek Layering System that works for you? 

First you must determine what type of hunting excursion you are going on, the type of game you are chasing, and the duration of the time you plan on being away for. Then, plan your gear around the range of extreme weather conditions, terrains and eventualities that you could encounter throughout the final duration of your hunt. Keeping in mind you should always plan for the best, but be prepared for the worst. 

Rather than developing one piece of clothing that "does it all", Stoney Creek created each piece of clothing with an important role to play - combining their individual performance strengths together ensuring that you get the optimal performance and versatility out of your kit, so you can be prepared and adapt to the forever changing conditions.