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  • Burris ZEE Scope Rings

    Burris ZEE Scope Rings

    These Weaver-style rings are solid steel, so you can rely on their accuracy. Machined to exact tolerance Top and bottom matched for strength and fit Handles recoil of any rifle Available in 1-in. and 30 mm styles Some available with Quick Detach option

    $75.00 - $120.00
  • Burris XTB Scope Base

    Burris XTB Scope Base

    These solid steel bases offer maximum mounting flexibility. They work with all Weaver-style, Picatinny-style, and mil-spec rings. Engineered with minimal height and weight Mil-spec cross slots guarantee rock-solid attachment Reversible front base...

    $60.00 - $88.00
  • Burris Tru-Mount Scope Base

    Burris Tru-Mount Scope Base

    These machined solid steel bases create a secure mounting solution. Bases are a building block of an accurate shooting system. Properly aligns your scope and anchors it to your gun Complements nearly any hunting rifle platform 2-piece design Strong and...

    $50.00 - $60.00
  • Burris Signature ZEE Rings - Weaver Style

    Burris Signature ZEE Rings - Weaver Style

    Burris ZEE solid steel rings not only ensure accuracy, they provide an extra measure of confidence and peace of mind. Machined from a solid block of steel to exacting tolerance, each top and bottom are matched for strength and fit. Designed to handle...

    $90.00 - $155.00
  • Burris STD Scope Rings

    Burris STD Scope Rings

    You could buy a pair of Burris solid steel rings purely for their beauty. But it’s their absolute, unfailing strength that will earn your respect.  Each ring is machined from a solid block of steel to exacting tolerances. The top and bottom are...

    $55.00 - $90.00
9 of 9 Items