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Having finished Uni and not sure what to do, I joined the industry because ive always had a keen interest in hunting and shooting. Turns out I found a job I really do enjoy!

Having been introduced to shooting and hunting from a young age, I enjoy all aspects of both sports. I love to chase deer throughout the high country, and as of late have gotten more and more into duck hunting. Great fun for sure.

I've become somewhat partial to the .300 class magnums as well as the 30-06 and and lately the .270 winchester...Don't ask me to pick just one favourite though! I reload for all my centrefire firearms and do enjoy it, as tedious as it can be at times it is rewarding when handloads deliver great results. 

Between all the staff here, we have a wealth of knowledge which I am sure can help out everyone from a novice to the experienced shooter. In saying that we never stop learning either, so we are always happy to have a chat about any queries you may have! 



My name is Arthur and after a 30 year career in Telecommunications it was time for a change. After trying a few things that were on my bucket list I found myself behind the counter of a gun shop!

Wow! Talk about “livin’ the dream”!

I enjoy working with and looking after people that are like minded and enjoy the same things as myself. I do have a working knowledge about most things and between us here at Melbourne Gun Works there is a fair amount of expertise that can get you to where you want to be. One thing is for sure, if I don’t know the answer I will make the best effort to find out for you. “Every day is a school day”.

I love to hunt pigs, goats, rabbits and feral pests . It’s always good when the property owner has a particular target species that needs to be taken care of. The thing that separates us from the animals is the ability to make FIRE and AIRCONDITIONING !”