Sauer 202 Avalanche XT 223 20" 1in9"


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OSA wanted to give the Australian shooter a high quality, German made, Sauer rifle, that not only suited our shooting needs, but was at an excellent price.  After much consultation with Sauer,  the Avalanche XT 223rem was born. 


These rifles use 20 inch 1 in 9" twist medium/heavy barrel from the Sauer Law Enforcement division.  These cold hammer forged barrels will provides decades, and thousands upon thousands of rounds of reliable accuracy.  The 20 inch barrel makes this rifle a  very handy combo for shooting from a vehicle or on foot.  The monte carlo polymer stock with palm swell is solid and hardwearing.  It features quick detachable sling swivels, front and rear, and a fixed forend stud for bipod fitting.  The steel 5-shot single stack magazine is a new design, has not been available on a Sauer rifle before.  The protruding area of the magazine has been rubber coated for easy handling.   The one-piece lightweight machined receiver makes the Avalanche XT  suprisingly light for a medium/heavy barrelled rifle. 


The These are a limited offering with only 100 available.


• .223 Rem only

• 20 inch, blued Heavy barrel, 1-9” twist

• 5-Shot steel magazine – NEW design

• Lightweight one-piece machined receiver

• Rifle weight 3.5kg

• Weaver style bases included